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Our philosophy


At Ember Healthcare we believe that transformative healthcare has no boundaries, which is why we strive to be the leading providers of online healthcare. We believe that everyone should have the ability to access the best quality healthcare, irrespective of their location or mobility.


Our telehealth services include online consultations and assessments, online exercise programs, remote monitoring of client activity levels and ongoing adjustment of treatment programs as clients progress.


We believe that the best healthcare teams INCLUDE the client, in part of the planning phase, because we know that this is how clients get the best results. So we work with our clients to set their healthcare goals, and then through education we are able to empower them to achieve these.


​We not only work with clients, but with GPs and other health professionals, to ensure an integrated approach to an individual’s health and care. Likewise, we work with NDIS participants, as part of their support team.


We offer corporate health programs and professional development, and can tailor programs to your organisational needs.

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