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Do you need health education programs for your staff / clients?

Ember Healthcare provides health education and professional development programs to companies across Australia.

Our programs are popular, not just for their content and the outcomes they achieve, but due to our flexible delivery methods which save companies both training and travel costs.


We specialise in delivering health education remotely, using simple technology such as the internet and telephone.  If your staff or clients can open a web page, they can access our services! It’s that easy.


Depending on the program, we utilise a combination of video conferencing, telephone, email, videos, apps and wearable monitoring devices, to create a streamlined training program. Staff can often complete modules or sessions at a time that suits them, and from any location. So no more complaints that they don’t have time to travel to your head office. 


​We can tailor training programs to suit your organisation.


Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how we can partner with you.

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