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Integrated patient care



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Whether your patients require orthopaedic management, cardiac rehabilitation or even diabetes education, our team of healthcare professionals can work closely with you to develop a tailored management plan with ongoing monitoring and patient support.


We work with all ages, from children and adolescents, to adults and the elderly, and provide a holistic approach to healthcare, where we consider not only symptoms or injuries but also a patient’s general health, home or work environment, daily activities, age and much more.


Our team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and exercise physiologists design a personalised program for each client, to deliver the outcomes they desire such as increased movement, reduced pain or improved function.

  • persistent/chronic pain

  • rehabilitation

  • musculoskeletal injuries

  • sports injuries

  • spinal surgery

  • joint replacements

  • hypermobility syndrome

  • arthritis & inflammation

  • chronic chest conditions

  • weight and obesity

  • diabetes

  • cardiac conditions

  • low bone density

  • stroke management

  • work injuries

  • returning to work

  • balance issues

  • fall prevention

Conditions we can assist with include:

How we deliver our services

As many of our clients suffer chronic or acute pain, struggle with their mobility, live remotely or are time poor, we have responded to demand and now provide the majority of our services remotely, using simple technology like the internet and telephone

This approach is supported by extensive research which shows that outcomes achieved from remote healthcare services are equally as good as those achieved from traditional clinic-based services.

Patients only require a device such as a computer or tablet, or even just a smart phone, and the ability to open a web page. We look after the rest, and provide simple instructions that are very easy to follow.


The benefits are substantial for both the patient and our treating clinicians. Patients are able to access allied health assessment, diagnosis and management remotely, without the need for lengthy travel time. For our clinicians, they can monitor clients progress remotely, provide support when required and provide greater flexibility for appointment times.


For example, by using video conferencing, clinicians can assess a patient’s ability to undertake a meaningful task that the client identifies as difficult. Such as stepping off a tractor, navigating their kitchen or getting out of bed. We can also perform home or workplace assessments, no matter what the client’s location.


By incorporating wearables and apps, we also gain live data, such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry, weight/BMI/body composition and blood glucose. This enables us to provide specific feedback and alter management appropriate for the client.

Clinic services


We understand that some patients require traditional hands-on physiotherapy so can provide this to your patients at our Manly physiotherapy clinic. Our physiotherapists can provide a clear diagnosis and management plan, that may consist of massage, joint mobilisations, acupuncture and exercise. 

Home visits and home assessments

For patients with chronic pain or mobility issues, who live in the eastern or bayside suburbs of Brisbane, our clinicians can provide home visits.

We also provide home assessments for those who wish to maintain their independence and remain living in their own home. Ember Healthcare can evaluate the home environment, identify any risks and provide potential solutions and future plans, either in person or using video conferencing. Recommendations may include removing hazards, providing aides or making modifications, arranging ongoing therapy and implementing remote monitoring.



Online or in-clinic pilates


If your patient is recovering from an injury, managing pain or disease, or wanting to prevent future injuries, our mat clinical pilates sessions are ideal. Led by a qualified physiotherapist, our individual and small group sessions assist in improving core strength and flexibility, but also can improve pain and bone strength.

Sessions can be undertaken at our clinic located in Manly, Brisbane. Or we can design a standalone pilates program which can be undertaken independently at home, and includes monthly reviews with progressions made as required.

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